USDJPY: Broke the down trend, big upside possible now

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
3014 31
The pair has broken out of the long term down trend, this move up can change the long term direction of the pair and send it heading towards 140 in the longer term, we got BOJ coming up soon and it is expected to boost the pair once again so we got opportunities here to go long now.

IMPORTANT: The setups posted here are not trade calls or signals and are intended for guidance purpose only and you should use your own strategy to determine entries and exits. They reflect my general view of the market and does not mean you should take the trades without a proper trading plan or strategy, If you would like to get all my setups together with exact entries and exits with please visit http://www.thepiphunter.com and subscribe.
Hi! Stop achieved. Go to purchase again?
piphunters Mutant2015
nope selling now
If you look the fundamentals it's actually going to go back down. I'm going to sell
+1 回覆
BrennanHeart mc_mozzarella
Engr.FX mc_mozzarella
I'm positioning to sell as well.. until what level are you going to sell?
Not yet. Look on M15 . There is creates a rectangle so is a possible descline move down "short"
mizurri mizurri
I,m sorry. Correction. Flag ofcourse.
Engr.FX mizurri
I agree plus 15 min showing bearish divergence on rsi as well...
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