Short USDJPY at market

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
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I'm short at market from 101.78. Looking to target the trend-followers stops down at 101.34.

Price is well extended and past D1 ATR. Stop is above the 2x extension of yesterday's Inside Day range.

Will exit at market if price closes above 101.79 on the hourly timeframe.
手動結束交易: Closed at market for a gain of +1.75R. Exited because of low dynamic R (below 0.3) with no logical place to move stop.
評論: Target hit..
man can u help to get the ATR in tradingview ?
Make my chart yours - "make it mine" and then copy the LEDGE ATR indicator onto your own charts.
intontito Gustav.Mejlvang
thanks man :)
your SL and TP were pretty accurate, nice job!
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ooh..ATR Level indicator - Have one for MT4 but not TV. Hook a brotha up...
Gustav.Mejlvang CryptoCatfish
Check DM ledge
Tell me about it... I was in for the first retest, got out when I got scared of the bullish candle, got back in on the SFP and closed early for the same reasons.
Target was 101.233 for me.
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Gustav.Mejlvang StephaneBoiron
Yeh, sometimes hard to stick to the plan.. Trade your proces not your PnL ;) It did hit target, but I still feel I managed it correctly and I got out right where I should. But obviously with hindsight I should have held it, but I can't really use that for anything. I try hard to judge my decision based on what information was in front of me when i took the decision.. Fuck hindsight
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