WTI scalp Short triggered: US Crude Oil down

FX:USOIL   原油差價合約(WTI)
Have been heavily short for a while now.
Looking to add more shorts on bounces as I think it will drop more.
My entry points are based on Fib Calculations and Confluences thereof.

This entry triggered by this plan:

My shorts first started with this plan:

評論: Moving Stop to break even. I don't like this.
Further analysis of the upmove tells me it might reach for the next band above.
It overshot the 1.618, stopped at the 2.618, but the drop was not impulsive, just profit taking
手動結束交易: Here is why I closed this trade with Tiny profit, explained on chart.
評論: Hmm, maybe I chickened out too soon per apparent drop below due to inventory news.
BUT, my trade was not up by a safe amount to go into the news. So whether it drops more or goes up like I expected, I would close that trade everytime to preserve Risk/Reward in the face of news....
評論: WTI seems to have gotten a boost from the inventory news.
At this time, I am watching for these possibilities.
評論: As mentioned in earlier update, I closed the last position with tiny profit, and was watching the next zone. I have now sold again, per my coverage in this Idea
評論: Latest development. See chart explanation.
Looks like 65.54/56 to be tested from underneath.
the Golden Ratio is my Religion.
the Trading View is my Nation.
the Moderator Tag is my Flag.
Can we consider this trade stills active @euromotives ?
@dr90210, I closed the short scalp just before the news, wasn't happy with movement.
So now I am looking for another entry, still watching the zones I had originally marked.
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