VENBTC possible buying opportunity 24.01.2018

BINANCE:VENBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
BINANCE:VENBTC is trading in a correction within uptrend. I see two options... There could follow a new low between 62K and 63K sat. If there will be a support confirmed, we could see new all time high at 114828 sat. If the price breaks 81678 sat resistance, it's heading directly towards 427.20% fibo extension (114828 sat).
交易進行: Aaaand, we're in! Good luck all!
評論: So VEN traded lower from our entry at 62400 sat. I'm prepairing a new entry at fibo expansion 161.8% on price 53000 sat.

手動結束交易: Selling VEN ... Potential of a bigger correction.
What do you mean?
Something like this could be in play:
trade canceled? broke 60k
No, i have a second buy order on 0.00053 and third planned in 0.00035 - 0.00040 area.
Amazing TA. Will keep looking at it.
Nice TA its following it exactly!
Thank you!
What do you think the chances are of VEN falling to 54k? I guess it might be a good idea to stack buys once it gets down to 62k.
You think it will go back down to 63k sat? do you think this will be on the 26th when futures contract ends?
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