VEN has successfully stayed above its trend line and now heading for the 1-1 rations.

Keep in mind VEN could retrace and test supports again.


In charts.

This is not to give a financial advice but an educated opinion.
評論: VEN is having a hard time jumping over 59 price level. Based on market movements, it is highly probable VEN will also retrace. We will see how price develops.
評論: Well VEN jumped the bridge too. I will have more updates as of possible entries
@ChartsOnTime - I got into VEN around the .00051 mark and am now watching this closely. Was happy to see you post this, may be a stupid question, but what do you mean by 1-1 rations?
ChartsOnTime CCinCincy88
@CCinCincy88, meaning it will recover to the all time high price. Market is not pretty but I believe we are at the best time :) trade safe.
CCinCincy88 ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, thank you for the quick response! appreciate your work
+1 回覆
CCinCincy88 ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, I reviewed the charts b/c of your update regarding market movements and chose to get out at the right time. Thank you. Now watching to create a new position...
ChartsOnTime CCinCincy88
@CCinCincy88, It is more of a gamble right now than any TA. We can see indicators and have the most certain idea of where and when a coin will take a jump but definitely with 90% of coins under 10% of their value 3 days ago, we need to ask ourselves if this is the right time to trade or do we wait for a more stable market.
CCinCincy88 ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, I agree. I was happy with increasing the 25% or so I had at that point, so I chose to pull out. Win in my book! Thanks again!
ChartsOnTime CCinCincy88
@CCinCincy88, glad I can help. :)
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