Dear investors and traders,

We have shipping and logistics coin VEN/VET popping off ($1.3bn MC ), now we're looking at WABI & MOD (~$150mn MC ) to rise up. WTC (~$360MC) Masternodes incoming in February so that's also looking prime!

These coins have been trending and building upwards momentum for a while now. All three coins are announcing major partnerships in the upcoming months:

MOD - $5bn logistics partnership with big pharma
WABI - Chinese partnerships strong
WTC - Masternodes + strong tech

Arguably all three are solid picks and are all likely to be the next to be recognised for their potential in the shipping space. They each fulfil a niche and look strong in their respective space.

I've chosen to invest in all three with WABI, MOD, WTC in equal bag sizes.


評論: Physical assets on the blockchain will save up to 60% in industry expenses and losses incurred from inefficiency that currently exists.

Please DYOR as this is still a very new concept.
評論: Buy - near trend line
Holding Period - 3 months
Expected gains - WABI/MOD 4-5x, WTC 3-4x
Portfolio Allocation - max 2-4% each for total 10%
評論: WTC pumping.
評論: WTC partnership with China Mobile IoT Alliance which puts into perspective the huge Market cap difference between WTC and VEN when they are clearly on the same level if not WTC performing better in terms of tech and partnerships.

We have a lot of room for WTC to perform still.

Prices are going parabolic. Wait for retrace should you be interested in entering.
評論: WTC looks to be the next "pump" after VEN. We are still holding strong for WABI and MOD once WTC gets there!
i herd about wabi and wtc a while ago, but invested just recently unfortunately.( anyway very optimistic on both of them. thanks for MOD idea, will do my own research on it now.
it would be great if you would do your analysis on each one of them separately with graph when you have time. thank you again:) p.s.VEN is great coin with similar idea too.
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