Silver buy the dip

FX_IDC:XAGUSD   白銀 / 美元
4240 51
Buy, if $16.5 holds
Effected at $16.518 already.
If broke $16.5,i will close the trade
交易結束:達到停損點: it's not the time to long, as it broken 16.5, i prefer staying away,and wait for more safety signals.
it's a trial order, considered with the momentum and the coming news i think tight sl is better, no need to hold the loss in the red news. if 16.4 is the bottom as some ppl said, we still have many chances, then i will re-consider it, and open a new mid/long term plan,after the signal came out.
交易進行: effacted long again from $16.3
評論: Daily chart: Potential Cypher pattern
交易進行: added 16.16
評論: From $16.16 to 16.58, already 400+pips, this is a mid-long term trade, I won’t update frequently, just holding it for the said tg., and wait for more chance to add longs.
Weekly chart: holds by channel floor perfectly, we’re possible on the start of wave c now, next tg:$19.9-21, broke$22 will see wave c tg:$25
評論: Tp1:$16.8approached, 600+pips
評論: Tp1 reached and hit $17 today.
no profit taking now, we need some retracement to add more buys:)
評論: 1H chart update: likely retrace $16.6-16.5 go long, for tg:$17.5
評論: retracement done at my targeting price $16.6
評論: luckly,silver didn't make new low,that's bull signal.
評論: Weekly chart: It is a general view for silver in the coming weeks,hopefully it will break $17.2 in this week,heading next tg:18

Daily chart:Heading next tg:$18

1H chart:see H&C pattern, wave ii retracement done, wave iii just started, heading tg:$18.2
評論: added 17.13
評論: 4H chart update: Yes, it's on Wave 3, retrace 17-16.9 go long, wave 3 tg:$18-18.1
評論: The price just hit my targeting entry, still holding all the longs:)
評論: Silver looks more bull than gold.
1H chart update:
AB=CD pattern, D target:$17.77
評論: Daily chart update: broke $17.3, next tg will be $17.9-18.8
評論: profits taken at 17.35 for the positions costs above $17
評論: still holding longs from $16.7&16.16 with sl moved to $16.8
評論: 4H chart update:
$17.233 support well, added long at $17.29 and still holding
評論: My entry b4 NFP $17.17
評論: approaching tp2:$17.77-$18.2
評論: AB=CD tg:$17.7 reached, took profits first
交易進行: longed again 17.558
評論: 4H chart update: once broken $17.2,will test $17-16.89
評論: Weekly chart:possible needs some consol at 16.9
交易進行: 4H chart update:
It has hit first target entry:$17.1, longed from 17.13
評論: 1H chart update:
silver also close to my 2nd entry:$16.9
評論: target entry $16.9 hit, added
評論: 4H chart update: is it the end of the bears' world?
評論: 2H chart: it finally landed the wedge bottom
評論: long again, $16.77
評論: Daily chart update: watch this crucial support,expected a potential AB=CD
評論: 4H chart update:
Watch resistant level:$16.89
評論: Daily chart update:
評論: 4H chart update: retrace $16.46, go long if holds
評論: move sl to BE
交易進行: buy back 16.5
評論: a nice surprise to us that still holding longs, a kind reminder to move sl to BE. whatever it will happen, we've already won.
評論: 4H chart update: silver will retest 16.7
交易進行: can long here 16.57,if you don't have any buyings before
交易進行: holding longs from 16.107, if there's no positions can long again ,16.12-16.15
Very nice work!
faylee AlphaDreams
@AlphaDreams, thank you,dear
Si goes off the boards next friday, no one can deliver Ag @ these prices! I expect a big rally. This will lift the lid off GC too.
Good luck everyone.
+1 回覆
Tarot warrenhood
@warrenhood, hello, could you tell me please
What does it mean
faronf warrenhood
@warrenhood, off the boards?
@faronf, SIN7 Silver options contract expires for July
good time to go long on silver. I already got a position open from before the weekend, good luck guys.
now bouncing, faylee?
what is ur approx SL level on these new 17.1 and 16.9 entries? i would imagine 16.7?
faylee Mdotee.
@Mdotee., aha, you're smart!
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