An excellent place to buy...

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
735 8
Important Notes:
My H4 charts are valid for one single week in terms of the entry. I usually recommend an entry strategy but it is your job to apply the strategy you are comfortable with.

With regard to PTM (PanOptic Trading Method) and the terminology I use, please take some time to visit my page and press the educational tag there, you will find lots of interesting things about how I trade
評論: I'm not too comfortable with the current sideways movement as it is telling me that we are gaining power for the next move.
So, let's not rush into our position until we see that downward momentum has completely died out at support
評論: CS is now saying hi to the SSB
Now start watching to see if we get a signal
評論: I've added a fork to this chart and you can see that we are have just hit the LML and got a reaction.
Let's see if it holds on the close of the candle
評論: I think KS would be a good place to optimize your trade
評論: KS hit..
Good idea to optimize here with ~$10 profit depending where you entered
評論: Now at SSB and about $13..
Also a good place to optimize
手動結束交易: Close positions and let's switch to a CS setup play on H1
I'll publish a chart shortly

Enjoy your profits and be nice to others
Good Eye Mate...

Thanks buddy
nice one

Thank you
what if FED raise it's rates tomorrow ? Wont GOLD drop then?
Ichimoku_Trader KamilMaleszka

That is for you to worry about...
Very good, thanks!
Nice! :)
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