LONG XAU/USD - 200 Pips Long Opportunity

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
XAU/USD is currently in a very bullish trend and it can extend it's gains by 200 pips.

Make your own analysis before investing, and invest whenever you got your confirmation as well as money manage properly.

Happy trading!
評論: One bad position out of a few good consecutive ones, it's fine, it happens.

Never let a loss have an impact on your mind/emotions. Simply understand that it is part of trading, and it's the cost of doing business. And most of all, that if you keep money managing properly then you will always end up in profit (If you have an actual strategy that works with stats calculated on paper).

It's also a lesson to not let a few good trades make you over confident and it helps us keep our feet in the ground and be more focused next times.

The trend was bullish of course, but there was no good important signal for us to actually go long yet.

And so we learn from each mistakes and errors and we keep improving ourselves... Had it not been for the mistakes we do, we would have never improved and learned all that we know today.

Keep going going forward, stay focused on the long term goal, and always stay positive and focused!

Happy trading!
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