Gold: Deeper pullback likely

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
3833 17
Looking for further downside as outlined on chart. The price has broken the rising trend line and established a new series of lower highs and lower lows.

thank you, great analysis
thank you, great analysis!
interesting idea on XAUUSD... let's see if it works. I hope it does..!
Thank you, you are one of the best and your analysis are correct most of the time. Keep the excellent work.
Do you think we are in reversal of the macro trend already?
You are not technician your all past gold/xauusd analysis failed SL HIT ....

Pleas do not play with people capital....
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Valentasm ShivamVerma
@ShivamVerma, It is always you taking decision, so dont blame other poeple on your bad decisions.
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afounah Valentasm
@Valentasm, I agree
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afounah ShivamVerma
@ShivamVerma, please be fair, this gentleman (technician) is posting trades and ideas for a long time and his success is remarkable and extraordinary. I am following him for a long time and I made a big profit because of him.

Don't accuse him that he plays with people capital, just go through his trades over the years and be fair. don't blame others for your bad decisions.
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