Gold: D for Drop

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
737 19
Gold cheated and overlooked an important level on its way up. It has a date with 1152.
Drop it like it's hot!
評論: Idea gets invalidated with P>1220.
評論: Level gets different with P>1220 so the idea gets invalidated for final target.
評論: Entered short at 1222 though. SL 1225. Recalculating target
評論: Entered last short at 1224.9, SL = 1226.1
評論: Took profit on shorts @ 1215.5. Waiting for close price to determine direction for tomorrow. Topping patterns have potential for taking some time. Would like to see close at or below 1214.5.
Looking for re-entry tomorrow. Remember to set SL @ BE in case this decides to go up. Its at an important crosscroad. So far there has been printed a nice inverted hammer reversal candlestick.
Great charts and think you,i think this is will reach 1191 at least:
What happened to the 1204 shorts you put on? I see the 1220 invalidated what you executed and you are going with shorts at 1222 and 1224. Seems to me you will keep trying until you get it right. Well, don't let me stop you. Who knows. You may become The Short King! However, I will stick with my targets. Have a nice day.
Viking83 ARGOS1
@ARGOS1, Sorry Argos, I closed the 1204 yesterday pre FOMC. I dont like to hold through FOMC. SHorted today at 1222, 1224.4 and 1224.8. The target is invalidated as it changes with the reached level high. I will change to long if 1227 is broken.
ARGOS1 Viking83
@Viking83, I am thinking of taking a breather around 1300 but I have to start seriously thinking about it at 1250. Maybe DCL after 1300. Again I have to start thinking about it once 1250 comes. Must go now.
Viking83 ARGOS1
@ARGOS1, You might of course be right. Just be cautious with long until 1227 is breached. If price closes above there, its a signal that the bull is really back and not just a countertrend move. It has maxed countertrend move up to neutral line of this "bullmarket". As said, I will switch to longs if 1227 is broken. We keep in touch mate.
Maybe the ABC is completed
Viking83 RogerS
@RogerS, U might be right. Above 1220 I throw the idea in the garbage bin :)
@ARGOS1, And just for the record it is flashing 1222 now 9:20 New York time
Viking83 ARGOS1
@ARGOS1, Yes, the target is invalidated. But my trade is still short :) If it breaks above 1227 I rest my case on the short side and look for long until 1380+.
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