BITCOIN: Not very Bullish, Not very Bearish.

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
BTC moving near Downtrend Resistance, trying to Fix above it.

I show Daily and 3h timeframes.

Wait for price action in White circle.

Good luck with your trades!

Feel free to ask a questions.
交易進行: Looks like fixed above resistance
交易結束:目標達成: Want to Sell BTC or Buy?!
Check the update:
Live stream this time it will at Friday at 13:00

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bitmex the new cryptopia
Nidalas Basil-al-Citadel
@Basil13, what do you mean?
brecier Basil-al-Citadel
@Basil13, why he uses it?
Nice call dude. I like it. ;)
what do you mean by fixed?
+6 回覆
eyupium ForexCryptoA
@yshashmi37, Fixed, as in staying above the trendline, and not going down below it. Whenever a trendline resistance gets broken, the price usually retraces and tests the trendline again as a support. If it holds, then the move upwards is confirmed. If it breaks, then it was a fakeout.
+1 回覆
Perfect as allways!
I have the same concept with the channels, here’s my TA:

Feel free to leave your feedback!
does it have good chance of going 10k?
+5 回覆
angel_lobs ForexCryptoA
@yshashmi37, I would say so, only time will tell I guess! Trade safe.
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