Counterparty (XCP) Private analysis (Uptrend + Profits Potentia)

BITTREX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
As you can see from the chart above, XCP is on an uptrend on the daily chart and there is room for growth. This coin can be traded for positive earnings .

- The daily chart looks good, we are in the bullish zone, but the channel is big and there will be many price swings. This is a great opportunity for swing trades.

- For the swing trades, you buy when the lower part of the channel is hit and sell when the price is near the top. If the channel is broken you can expect a new trend to be formed. This can be up or down.

The daily chart looks good but let's look at the weekly... Next week might be consolidation, depending on how this week closes, we can gain more info on next week... But let's look at what we have now.

Here is the weekly chart:

The weekly chart looks really positive for long term upwards potential.

- The MACD just crossed over and is showing plenty of room for growth.
- The RSI is also going bullish and with room for growth as well.
- The same signals are true for the STOCH & DMI indicators, both are positive and show room for growth.

Now, these are strong indicators since this is the weekly chart. So it takes weeks for these to build up. So even if we have small negative swings, these indicators can stay in the positive, which is good to make money riding an uptrend.

The magenta lines are targets/resistance, the black lines are support.

Note: This is not a suggestion to trade, this is my analysis of how this coin is doing. Trade at your own risk, as I won't be following up on this analysis, YET, this information can be useful if you know the basics on how to trade. Buy, hold and wait... To finally sell on target.

*** Message

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Enjoy your analysis, and enjoy the rest of your day.
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Any update to XCP, master?
+2 回覆
Hi Alan, how do you see the targets of XCP after the Fork ? XCPC
Targets ?
Hello @alanmasters Sir, Any update about channel range for this coin?
Hi guys, fork for holders XCP was announced to February 2018! Do U have some info? Where could we go? I think next month will be huge bull run! Great fundament!
livpayawal CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, Is this confirmed?
CryptoFan973 livpayawal
@livpayawal, Yea on Twitter...
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