XEL Looks interesting

We have a cup & handle formation with a small tail wich can be just before a huge push.
RSI for 6H & 12H looks to be crossed wich indicate we could go up from here.
What i'm fearing now is the elliot formation, Did we have the third wave (5) or is that still to come.
We just bounced on the 3h ichimoko cloud wich is nice, If we would have gone trough the cloud this idé would not be published.
If everything goes to plan my target is 35 to 38. That would be a 100% gain for XEL .
If it falls down to 17, i'm out.

Please share your ideas with me.
Stop deceiving people, that is not a cup and handle. But there is some uptrend.
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sakuzi sakuzi
@sakuzi, Also that elliot wave doesn't make sense bud.
@sakuzi, please correct me and show me how it should be done, i don't invest your or anyone else money. That's up to you and no one else to do. If I tell you to stick a fork in a socket, do you have to do it? No. So how am I deceiving anyone with my personal ideas and what I'm going to do? If you read you will see were I state that I'm out and I got out there. If you bought and held to long, that's to bad. But don't be a dick.
I filled a huge bah @ 16k5 hope BTC don't go too much full retard mod !
Bjurhager Hastarus
@Hastarus, sweet. Hopefully you make good money on it. It can go either way, hopefully more people see what i see here
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