XLM pennant (classic alt coin mooning pattern)

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
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XLM is a good project with an actual use case that hasnt pumped in a while. It isn't close to its all time high in satoshis, and I think we have a potential long oppertunity if XLM breaks out of this pattern to continue the pattern which many mooning alts have followed lately (Look at XRP as an example).

On a clear confirmation of break out I will go long and I will start taking profits incrementally around 1600 (target is your call, personally I will try not to be greedy). Stop loss on red line or your own risk tolerance.
評論: I missed the breakout :( Took too long to transfer between exchanges and breakout came slightly earlier than expected.

If I learn from my mistake then it was worth it. Hope you all caught this trade!

By the way, I think XLM will be one of the best holds of 2018
spot on!!
fkashem1986 kenken662
@kenken662, right? I was thinking...that red arrow coincides PERFECTLY.
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