XLM/BTC - 500% shot

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
XLM correction is very clear, needs to square up those candles on the left so it should go a bit below .786 FIB and bounce back up. ALL time high incoming.
交易進行: I think most people are not aware of the VERY CLEAR pattern of mid caps coins that exploded during the last month. Let me show you a few examples:

0.786 Retracement FIB hit.

0.786 Retracement FIB hit.

0.786 Retracement FIB hit, dipped a bit lower then bounced back up

0.786 Retracement FIB hit.

Now compare these charts to XLM, they look EXTREMELY alike. Guys this right there is a VERY CLEAR pattern that I firmly believe will be recreated on XLM and other midcap coins that have not corrected yet.

If you arent sold on the IDEA guys, please do me a favor and open these charts on compare them. You will see for yourself.
交易進行: Hey guys, I am currently holding my funds in USDT because I expect BTC to drop considerably to about 6K.

Here's my chart on the matter, the reason i'm posting this on the XLM chart is because if i'm right and BTC drops then XLM should reach the area mentioned above and I am looking to enter it at that point and ride it up to the moon. This is a multi level strategy and I strongly suggest you guys to check my BTC chart and follow me on telegram. :)
I feel the problem here is you assume there will be enough volume to allow the bears to break through its lower resistance lines.
No one is lining up to get rid of their lumens.
Denzoss kdenery
@kdenery, no one was lining to sell their IOTA, TRX, NEM, XRP at that stage either and look at what happened.
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kdenery Denzoss
@Denzoss, I actually disagree, all of those besides NEM which i simply wont claim to know much about, had a lot of doubt and reason people would want to dump them. Iota was broken as hell and basically lied about certain "partnerships", TRX we still dont know if its a genuine thing, no product and a clearly unsustainable bull run, and XRP has more haters than any coin i know almost so i dont get what yo mean by "no one was lining up to sell" them

XLM is an amazing coin with almost only upsides besides the recent hack news. Plus, IBM. people NEVER understand how huge of a partnership that is.
Denzoss kdenery
@kdenery, Thats one way to see it, another way is to simply look at the charts, if no one was lining up to sell then it would only go up. This market is manipulated by the big boys just like any other in my opinion and those wave up and down are the mere result of these huge wallets taking in dumb money. Charts dont lie and we can clearly see that in this market they usually drive the price down to about .786 FIB before making go up for the 3rd wave.

I want to agree with you. yes FA wise no one is lining up to sell XLM I am 100% agreeing with you but the general public does not control the market in my opinion and for that reason I cant really take your point into consideration. But really I do hope im wrong, XLM is my favorite coin and I wish it would only go up and up and up but that is simply not how the market work.

I do am seeing XLM at around 10 000satoshis in a near future, but only once that move I pointed on my chart is completed.
This guy is trolling, some mod should ban him.
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Denzoss pwdzongoku
@pwdzongoku, Take a look at the update on the chart. You can then decide for yourself if im a troll or not.
pwdzongoku Denzoss
@Denzoss, You are a joke.
Denzoss pwdzongoku
@pwdzongoku, thank you for the constructive comment :)
1800 despite fairX in feb and roadmap in a week?? I wish you were kidding...
sshev sshev
i mean what's the reason another from TA? What's the price of BTC gonna be that way?)
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