XLM moon rocket - repost

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Repost of MID/LONG term XLM             investment
評論: Where I loaded
評論: Old TA
評論: Looks like we´re going to fly soon :)
評論: If you want to be updated .. hit me in PM ;)

評論: Looks like our cup is finally slowly finishing the handle :)
評論: Divergance at 4H

Update bro
anoinvest WahyuAlfaRizi
@WahyuAlfaRizi, Previous targets and reload still valid :) basically played as expected
how didi you know the red resistance?
anoinvest raphaelshimon
@raphaelshimon, The top red line is actual price buddy :)
TP at 0.00037 BTC. I will buy back at 0.382 (4% of my investment capital) fib.

I disagree with your ( C ). I am expecting down trend to go as low as 0.0000188 BTC.
I loaded XLM after your post and I am very happy with it. Love to see more posts from you, thank you so much
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anoinvest whatsupboy
@whatsupboy, Glad you find it helpfull. Thanks for your feedback and if you want to be more in touch with me and updated hit me in PM :)
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whatsupboy anoinvest
@anoinvest, Thank you
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GO LUMENS GO!! BEAT XRP! Thanks for the analysis, loving Stellar as well.
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