Monero following Bitcoin

Monero is in the uptrend, similar to Bitcoin when it was trying to reach previous peaks (around 2900).
At the moment money is purring into Bitcoin due to all time highs and all media attention.
Other altcoins are waiting for their term to come, as it has been in the past.

Monero is one of the first ones, where trend is becoming clear.
It looks like short term opportunity with long term potential.

Wish you luck and ...


交易進行: Buy above 42.5
Stop lose 39.5
Short term take profit: 51.5
交易結束:達到停損點: Rather small position closed. Waiting for consolidation of the channel for new trades and stop looses. Target stays similar.
評論: Look like money is starting to flow into "older ALTs" with lower MarketCaps.
DASH is up today also. Monero should be next on the list with a push.

評論: Be patient. New support line goes true bottom red candle at 38.5 which also makes double support at 40€.

Should bounce unless strongly breaking the new support line which does not look like a case at this point.
評論: As projected bounce is here. Following LTC path from yesterday. Traders are probably moving funds to alternatives that have not surged yet.
評論: Monero went crazy! Probably it will settle somewhere between the top and start. like DASH did...
手動結束交易: Position partly closed. Some left for long term gain. More action after price consolidates..
交易結束:目標達成: The strong second run made me sell another 1/4, with 1/4 left for long one. Moving funds to other altcoins where there is more short term potential left.
Hi Thank you for the analysis, can you recommend please other altcoing where you can see short term potential ?
What do you mean "settle somewhere between the top and start"
Is it too late to buy more ? Should I wait ?
Thanks for your help on this trade :)
MJMeetya fabienhk
@fabienhk, check DASH graph. It went from 200 to up to 300, to settle at the end somewhere around 250.
fabienhk MJMeetya
@MJMeetya, thanks
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