Total anonymization is a powerful tool! It attracts money.

Hiding monies, doing illegal stuff, cover up identity etc is something a signifcant amount of people wants to do. And what is the best financial tool to do so? That old horse Monero!


Maybe Monero isnt the best financial tool? There is a lot more anonymous coins out there, Zcash and Dash for example. Though it's not Dash's selling point anymore, it actually started out as Darkcoin and back then it was.
It's my belif that Monero is the best, and my knowledge about the subject is probably higher than average, but many know much more so don't take my word on it. Research if interested :)

What I am certain about though, is that Monero is the go to coin when you want to be 100% anonymous today.
Monero has been around a long long time and still going amazing.

That's what I believe will attract buyers. The fundamentals are good and people are using XMR.
Cryptoland is on fire and getting money poured in, there is big reason to think that a large portion of that will go towards Monero.
It's a coin you just need to have a portion of in a cryptoportfolio.


Right now I believe we are looking at the fifth wave, and that it can go as high as 430 USD. Though I don't like that last bit of risk outside of my pitchfork so looking to get out at 355 USD.
There we have the 3.618 from wave 4. Including the edges from pitchfork .

I've had Monero for a long time, but I think it's time to add a little bit more.
50% here at current prices (185 USD) and 50% if it gets back down to the support between the 3.618 from wave 2 and last ATH , let's say 150 USD.

Stop Loss below 135 USD, should be good support there :)


  • Buy - 185 & 150 USD
  • Sell - 355 USD
  • Stop Loss - Below 135 USD.

評論: Today is not the day to buy XMR or anything else.
But Monero has strong fundamentals and should be one the least dangerous coins to hold.

I think 135 usd and inside my pitchfork is a strong support area, but it's not guaranteed to hold.
評論: I had this strong gut feeling that BTC would go down hard.
So I didnt listen to the technicals and ended up not buying the last batch of XMR that I had written above that I was planning on.
Fortunately I didnt touch what I had already bought :)

Buy yeah 150 USD was a perfect time to buy!
You can see 0.75 line in the pitchfork held perfectly. The previous 154 USD high got breached briefly two times and made a double bottom.
It also never closed on the 4H below trendline.

評論: Closing in on sell area! Major profit on this one :)
評論: It looks to me like we are in the 5th wave within the larger 5th wave!
Also, both 3.618 fibs from both 4th waves now line up perfectly with my previous target for this fifth wave. I would not be surprised if it reached it.
However, I am going to be safe and not take on that last bit of risk.
Putting up sell order for both the trade I did from 150 USD and my long time hodlings at 308 USD :)

評論: Correction, 185 USD! Sorry :) Forgot I didnt take the opportunity at 150!
Luckily my long term hodling came with a much cheaper price ;P
手動結束交易: Wow, we got some volatility here!
It did not reach 308, so I decided to sell out at 269 USD on the recovery after that big drop. This trade yielded a very nice 45% profit!
Much more on my long time hodlings though, but now it's time to let go of them all :)
I am switching XMR out with BCH, gonna make a trade on it when I get time.

Also! I am close to complete my portfolio page on website.
If you're interested, have a look:
評論: I have jumped back into XMR, as the last week has proved that more money was flowing in then I anticpated. I believe Monero now has a clear path towards my target area at 420-430 USD.

I have switched Litecoin out with Monero.
For more information on my portfolio, please check out the page on my website:
評論: Aight, time for a little update on XMR!

So I have increased my target. I'll take some profit on the way though at my fib levels.

Yesterday I created a trade community.
If you are interested in joining please check out page on website.
交易結束:目標達成: Just closing down this idea. I still hold XMR, as can be seen in my portfolio.

This trade returned a 45% profit :)
And this 12 December comment is on record for the next trade idea I'm gonna make on Monero:

Too view more of my results, please check out my track record on website.
手動結束交易: Never got around to a new idea. But selling my XMR today.
Bought at December 12 (see comment), for 296 USD.
Sold at 312 USD for a 5.4% return :)
badfeelsman when you sell and everything blows its wad straight up..
Why? We will see breakout anytime soon.
akuczera akuczera
@akuczera, Here is the breakout
Hi! How can I see your portfolio in the link you posted
buddy give us an update - ur graphs are insane!
I expected this, thank you....
@nuzixip, np! :)
So your advice to sell XMR @420-430 to buy it again when it drop
dead on. nice work.
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