Monero Pump 3 waves, 3 wedges

good day!:)
評論: now/soon may be the last time to long. trailing stop @ $123 or so!
i dont think it is very likely but if you are lucky it can go up 3 times more than you risk - if a third wave is attempted even at all.

i would recommand not to bet much at break out singal at $150 or though as of poor risk/reward even if you just risk few dollars there can be a pullbacks and you end up doing it 3 times in a row and If it crashed a lot quickly then available stops orders are not guaranteed (or expensive)
評論: well i typed the update at $130
評論: i sold most above the pink wedge august 26. Will sell the rest the next time that it crashes below the lower grey bow (or the upper one if lucky)
評論: almost everytime i really think hard about a chart, i will also be stunned with near accourate predictions, virtually the best possible considering its just a sketch/feeling ( no formulars/no high precision drawing)
Mine are the same. Concentrate hard on a chart and it pays off.
You made me think I never actually did research about the legitimacy of fibo's extentions. But where did you get that 3 pumps, 3 wedges, and how you estimate the next pump without fibo proportions?
germanaquila germanaquila
I do think it's overpriced based on the 8 candles above the bollinger bands and divergence (rsi going down, price stable/bullish)
fineregex germanaquila
@germanaquila, yes my fear/assumed possiblity of third pump is only if there is gamblers presence. Shortsqueeze attempt and so on. Shortsqueeze needs to be fast/shocking. - Or if the 3 waves from exactly one year ago would repeat, whyever. Or crazy/evil whales could pump back to $150 just to fool some people and exit? Maybe i was also adjusting a bit/feeling overpowered by the (troll-)herd, who may controls the live situation at least. Yet Bitcoin ATH stole the show and Bithumb opening higher didnt cause others exchanges to pump and probably i also convinced 2 or 3 guys to prefer a nicer deal.
Fibonacci works best for these pure speculative plays, especially if manipulation is suspected
fineregex alipipefitter
@alipipefitter, publish an example?:) you believe in fibonacci expansions too?
alipipefitter fineregex
@fineregex, Only for pure speculation driven moves where fundamentals have nothing to do with the price expectation.
fineregex alipipefitter
@alipipefitter, its called fibonacci retracement drawn form left to right, but for cryptocurrencies time runs backwards?
alipipefitter fineregex
@fineregex, woops lol
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