Ripple Ready For Lift Off

BINANCE:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
Using a 1 hour chart.
The 55 ema in orange has crossed the 200 ema in blue which is a very bullish signal. If you look at many other alt coins that have exploded in price you'll see the exact same thing. The 55 and 200 ema's cross and what follows is a bull.

XRP has reached over $3 in the past. Currently we are at .49 cents so there's an easy chance to double even triple your money if crypto continues to rise. Do your own research and look what happens when the 55 and 200 ema's cross. Look at all the recent coins that have gone up and you'll see the same cross over.

To make it easier anytime the price/ candlesticks are above the 200 ema (blue line), the price will rise until a crossover to the downside. Keep in mind however there are false breaks out/signals so nothing can be guaranteed.

Scroll up to see price targets (40% potential). In the long run I believe it will reach much higher.

Reasons I think XRP will rise:
1. XRP hasn't made a bullish run like other alts
2. Price consolidation
3. "Golden Cross" (1 hour chart)
評論: And we're off
評論: .5 holding as current support. Could retrace further to the .618. Let's wait and see
評論: Correct Screenshot
評論: Currently up 14% from initial post. Ignore the red lines


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