Ripple trades goes here, quick 50% trade

Hello Friends,

I didnot take Ripple seriously, but no wonder why everyone says Ripple is sleeping giant. I was trading technically on this coin multiple times, but the background /fundamental is soo huge.

Banks can save trillions of Dollars because of Ripple.

So I strongly recommend to add XRP to your profile. I hold my 10%.

I will add more fundamental links in future.

Lets about technicals :

Quick 50% trade possible on this pattern with the target of 21000.

I will post about long-term view on this later. Most welcome to discuss all the fundamentals on this.

Just remember, one of the few to predict XRP trade.

Our previous analysis :

評論: exit on break below the pattern. We can look at it again.
評論: stop loss :
Exit on break below the pattern.
評論: Are we heading to the moon? Currently 10% up from our price, soon we will reach our target.
評論: I feel it would take some more time to gain the momentum. It is trying hard to break the previous recent high @15900, but couldnot. The day close would give more clarity.

It has to break this range.


Stoploss can be 13600
評論: Stoploss should be on 4H closing basis.
評論: Please reduce your exposure.

One can add more on this breakout
評論: Let me tell you, we can see Ripple @24000 in 10 - 15 days.
評論: Close to target, book your profits.

Wow, We have achieved 70% in 3 days.
評論: Down to 19000, it was at 23000+, we will revisit this again later
評論: Just take a look at the daily candle.

RSI is falling from the top and we are heading to previous support range.

Buy in Range is 16000-17000

評論: I may buy upto 12000
評論: Have your stop loss, I dnot see the strength.
評論: Still in the range, if you get a chance buy at 13700-14500, sl below this levels. Failure to hold this level, I see XRP to drop to 8500 level.
評論: strict stop loss is required below the levels.
評論: strict stop loss is required below the levels.

Buy back levels 8500-9000
Channel :

For Paid membership: Please reach out : Thanks for your support.

buy up to 12000? or you mean 17000? 12000 wasnt possible right?
should I hold my ETH and LTC or go all in on Ripple?
maheswar81 PRO Monolith85
@Monolith85, Interesting question. ETH is getting costly. EOS and ADA are the competitors for the ETH and at cheap cost.

I would dnot move out of ETH fully, may some % to ADA and EOS. ETH, LTC and Ripple are different platform, so split your investments.
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BTC had a little pump which messed up all the alts :/
@dw2, yes. It happens always and later it recovers.
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I had Ripple and Ada at its lowest few weeks ago, then the famous Allanmaster was saying I was buying randomly weird stuff.
maheswar81 PRO Spaceballs
@Spaceballs, it is upto you to follow any one. But the truth is the XRP and ADA gave 10x in last 30 days. 1 BTC would have turned to 10 BTC.
Are you out? IS that what your last comment meant? Not clear
maheswar81 PRO CubanMiner
@CubanMiner, nope that is the stoploss for the trade.

Exit on break below the pattern.
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