[XRP] RIPPLE - Most Obvious buy in my CryptoCareer

BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
Buy: Under 3.00 USD
Sell: 4.3 USD

T.A.: This chart does not need explanation.
F.A.: Ripple XRP to be listed on DMM Bitcoin Japanese Exchange January 11th - 27 Million Users!

Enjoy easy profits.
取消訂單: Looks like XRP will stay under 2 USD a long time, so...

Sorry buddies.
Hi pwdzongoku , Can we buy this now or should i wait for some pullback ?
@haree, I think you should wait, cuz coinmarket is delisting some korea exchanges, and price is being affected, people getting FUD.
JoeySparkz17 pwdzongoku
@pwdzongoku, +1 !!!!! not many other people noticed that about coin market cap. this caused the price to show a huge hit which caused a false positive of a crashing effect. the false positive crash actually triggered a panic sell off, just as xrp was being primed up for another run. gives the appearance of collusion to kill the price to be honest.
@haree, Price is a little low now, it's high risky... so wait until tomorrow, i'll update it.
Head and shoulder, no?
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