Ripple is poised to explode to the upside!

KORBIT:XRPKRW   Ripple / South Korean Won
Here in this publised technical map up on xrp. You can see not only my ploting zones of where the price will go were strong support or resistance exists. The down side push is still currently supported by the EMA (set @ 8). More importantly!!! There is an upside divergence in tact. As you can see I have highlighted the divergence in the green circles. The price is heavily under the BLUE price reference line which ive drawn on the price chart and on the indicator ( MACD ) below. The MACD is a powerful indicator to use to identify reversals with STRONG momentum in the markets. When exactly the reversal will occur, there is no telling but it will be sooner than you think. Hare vs Tourtise, you must have patience to be in this industry. The patient investor with a longterm mindset wins every sinle time. ENJOY!!

NOTE: I use the XRPKRW pair because the Korean Market is a strong indicator of the price action on XRP. It has a bit of a headstart on the other pairs. XRPUSD XRPBTC XRPETH , Ive done some back testing and observations to testify to this being so.
評論: The two arrows on this chart are to illustrate the price being below the BLUE price reference line and also to illustrate on the indicator(MACD) the indicator being ABOVE the price reference line. A strong indication of it being ready to explode to the upside!
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