XRP, double top? Read to all!

Often I notice that altkoins work more technically and ahead of schedule. XRP showed signals for a breakdown of resistance and entry into the zone of imbalance above 0.70, but the market leader began to move down.

XRP draws a classic figure: a double top , but it is not yet formed, we are in the decision zone and everything depends on the BTC . But I completely closed my position and look forward to a new opportunity to enter the market.

We see a bearish divergence of OPEN INTEREST

RSI showed a divergence to a short position and a divergence on a larger timeframe for the purchase, but more I trust the OPEN INTEREST, the better the support of the RSI became resistance

Volumes are falling

We are in the decision-making zone for BTC and XRP, and throughout the market as a whole, but it's worth noting that altcoins are moving the market more technically, due to smaller volumes

The review will be continually supplemented, follow the news and put it live)

OPEN INTEREST v2 is already available, write to private messages

All Profits of FVB TEAM

交易進行: I got a lot of messages on the mail, where is the double top? So friends, I have a crystal ball ... Head)) The pattern is almost formed, we wait and sit in a short position
交易進行: There was a rebound from the nearest resistance level to h1, we continue to sit in a short position and observe
手動結束交易: We close completely the position and wait for a new entry, the pattern is not formed, but BTC does not promise growth, and again a divergence is discovered on open interest in a short position
交易進行: The tool stopped, but to close the short position, there is no reason, I recommend putting the stop at 0.699
交易進行: The stop order for the long position is still 0.699, the price stopped at the control point 0.684, we are still in the short position, but it's worth keeping a close eye on the market, we are really in the decision zone
交易結束:達到停損點: Fail
評論: XVG gives you the opportunity to earn

Damn, that's a lot of comments on the chart dude
fvb mulugulu91
@mulugulu91, Who is too lazy to read, look at the picture)
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