XVG wait and earn! SHORT

BITTREX:XVGUSDT   Verge / Tether
Recently we reviewed the XVG. The tool that shot at 170%. Lying prospects?
Who did not manage to enter this trend movement now will have such an opportunity

XVG rested in the zone of imbalance, while showing divergences on several mathematical oscillators. Teak volumes are falling, which indicates the weakening of the strength of bulls.

It would seem that the rollback occurred before EMA 50 and rebounded, but the most important zone is level 0.0972, watch closely this zone! A rebound from this price down will only confirm the upcoming move down. Who on our advice has closed the floor of the position can put a stop order at the price of 0.0788 or close the position now

XVG will try again to come and pierce the zone of imbalance, and the instrument itself promises a good profit, but do not take the risk, we leave at the stop and go back at the end of the correction, stability and statistics the main friends of the trader

If you are excited, the oscillators RSI and CMO will correct the entry point, wait for oversold levels, are marked on the chart

All profits, I recall, came a new version of the indicator of open interest for crypto currency!
交易進行: Congratulations to all those who joined us and closed the position, we successfully reached the first level of support and see what will happen next, with a high probability we will go even lower
交易進行: XVG on history can go against the market, we are in the decision zone, if there is a rebound, we can go to buy
交易進行: XVG sharply went up, let's observe, disembarking passengers or real growth, you can go to buy only by passing 0.097
交易進行: A rebound is forming at 0.097, we closely monitor the market, it is probably time to open a long position
交易進行: The deal on the shorts is still active, it seems like taking out the bears and going back to the trend line that they pierced, who did not close the position, we sit and watch, there's no short position to close, and we can not go to the long one, we watch the market)
評論: Divergence worked! We are sitting in a short position))
交易進行: 0.064 The nearest goal, we sit and do not think to buy!
交易進行: All our goals are fulfilled! But we continue to sit, buy while it is impossible, I will make a separate article for purchase
fvb m9xx41110
@m9xx41110, Be patient and watch the news, as soon as there is a signal to open a long position we will publish an article
Hello, good TA!! XVG finish correction or can fall more if BTC enters in correction after the run of yesterday and today? Tks for sharing
fvb gusccbb
@gusccbb, until the news on the pornohab is satisfied - we are waiting
@fvb, Tks :)
and now we can take long?
@iSapar, Maybe wait for a rebound ! But I think it's ok to long now :)
fvb BobFlynn
still early, there is no reversal, a rebound, confirmation
fvb iSapar
still early, there is no reversal, a rebound, confirmation
fvb iSapar
@iSapar, I see no signs of long
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