BITTREX:XVGUSDT   Verge / Tether

XVG began to move before the main market favorite, showing growth of more than 170%!

Close half of the position, and for the rest, place a stop order!
With a probability of more than 80% the tool will be adjusted and that's why!

The instrument logically came to POC RESISTANCE, resting in the zone of imbalance
CMO shows a bearish divergence, which indicates a forthcoming correction
Teak volumes decrease

Since the fast and average EMA is still higher than the slow one, closing only half the position, the remaining position is put at a price without loss, or by 0.0787, fixing the profit and waiting for correction.

The closest support is EMA 50, the expected tool will come on the support line

Do not forget that globally the XVG is heading to the top, and it's worth watching it closely and searching for entry points. It is also worthwhile to look closely at the favorite of the BTC market, in case of its correction or reversal, the market will follow it
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