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Yellow zone is the goal. However impossible/absurd this sounds.
Most of you say 3-7$, some say up to 14$ in 2018. But how many times have you been right? Before all that crazy bitcoin rocket started to fly, how many of you did really accurately predict the price (or even a range) for 2017? I bet less than 1%. So whatever you think, you are most likely wrong.
Ripple was less than a cent 8 months ago. Now is 1$. Could you guess it back then? What makes you think you will do it now?
Don't bet against the banks.
Real money is only about to fly in, or so they say.

XRP: 90$ by mid-2018.
評論: Follow the path set by the past. The lines represent/resistance support areas. Areas to look for sell or a buy. Good luck all.
評論: Do you even log? bro
評論: It can retrace to about .80-.90$. Next target is 6-7$. Then I expect some bigger consolidation between 2.5$ and 7$ range.

Maybe, just maybe ;)

Target is anywhere from 7-9$. (white zone)

Looks like a buy :/
Blood on the streets, pure buy.
評論: Well. This was shit.
I've been searching for your post since a long time..and I finally found it again...why I searched?.. because they called it impossible when I posted this.. ..and XRPUSD jumped ! ...and ..because... I agreed back then when you said we go to the yelllow zone.... well not 100% ... but I guess it could go into the right direction...;-).. Have a nice week!
christiankat christiankat
@christiankat, click the pic ;-)
How did you come up with a $90 price?
ZanJarh maverickgood1
@maverickgood1, I think that price is so absurd, we might actually get there. If Ripple does repeat itself, but a magnitude larger. The very minimum, would be 10$, but that's just sad. What will pull in the dumb money? You need a hype, one that has never exsisted before. Either the whole cryptoland will skyrocket, or die. I think both, but first up, and then the hard fall, and then, rebirth(with the rise of "new economoy" on massive scale).
wow that would be awesome. TO THE MOON!
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