XRPUSD - Ripple testing an important zone

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
595 8
2 Scenarios that Ripple is currently testing
A clear break and close above major resistance on the Daily, we could see it returning an up trend.
Camp out for confirmation.
I agree to early to say now. Critical level, next move should be big.
trungle83 philrego

Yes, confirmation would be preferred.
mike21ap trungle83
@trungle83, the issue is that the move almost 100% depends on BTC. If BTC moves up, there is a possibility of a run, if it moves down, this will go down too. Small BTC move = large XRP move - thats basically as complicated as this is (sadly). Keep an eye on BTC and trade lows and highs... With large capital, you make healthy returns, owever be aware of the risk of BTC dropping.
trungle83 mike21ap
@mike21ap, yup ltc, btc and xrp all looking about the same.
philrego trungle83
@trungle83, @mike21ap I placed an order to short against BTC on Polo @ .000137. If BTC makes a big move up or down I think it will be bad for XRP/BTC. I like to look at the USD chart though because that's what most people go by that buy Ripple. To me it looks like XRP is having a tough time staying above 1.50. Would like to hear your thoughts.

Random question, do you know why XRP has so many transactions more than twice BTC?
trungle83 philrego
@philrego, I haven't seen any evidence yet in DXY to help with cryptos. One moves by pips the other moves by a whole cent or sometimes dollar in btc case.
Regards to why there are more transactions in XRP than BTC... I think its just because one is much much cheaper than the other.
philrego trungle83
@trungle83, I don't understand why does DXY and pips/cents make a difference. If BTC price stays the same shorting against BTC or USD is the same.
trungle83 philrego
@philrego, Sorry Phil, i think i misread your comment the other day.
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