Ripple - $5 Target by July! 680% Return Potential

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Guys, We're talking a 680% gain by July with this one. Amazing risk to reward. Chart says it all. Usually I keep my posts and explanations lengthy.. But need I saw more with this? I see us building a nice cup and handle before we stretch to this target.

This is pretty likely in my opinion. Signals give this a go! But first, I'd wait until Bitcoin is done correcting. (follow me for posts and updates on that!)
取消訂單: I need more confirmation on the market. I currently don't like what I'm seeing.

Looks terrible. Floated in mid air. Right now it is bullish, but will be difficult to sustain momentum. A breakthrough of 80 cents with volume and force and we could target $1.18 once again.

Not looking good for Ripple. Constant Rejection by the 55 EMA. If it fails to pop above it soon, then I'd expect a retrace back down to around 55 cents at the Daily BB Medial & .618 fib level.
You seem surprised. I don't see why; we're in a bearish market.
Eball8 samiswilf
@samiswilf, Am I not surprised?
@Eball8, You're the one who wrote 680% Return Potential
Eball8 samiswilf
@samiswilf, You are correct
@Eball8, and now you say you aren't surprised. Don't shill dude. Shame on you.
Eball8 samiswilf
@samiswilf, LOL. Dude, I was surprised when I cancelled the order. That was a month ago. Do you not see that update? All this last update was... an update! I hope you learn how to read. "Shame on you"
@Eball8, A month ago, it was obvious we're in a bear market. Shame on you for shilling.
Eball8 samiswilf
@samiswilf, I don't think you understand. So I will leave it here. No big deal for me! Happy trading my man!
@Eball8, falling back to claims of misunderstanding? Common strategy among dishonest folks.
Eball8 samiswilf
@samiswilf, Listen here. The TA was honest. I had seen a bullish reversal potential at the time of the TA. I personally loaded up on XRP. Price action in the market changed my opinion 4 days AFTER the post, and I changed my decision, CANCELLED the order on here, and sold my XRP. I have no reason to shill. I have only 500 followers? So what benefit do you think I get from it. Felt you should know that since you can't wrap the concept around your head, but I'm done responding. Again, happy trading!
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