BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
XRP the coin of the hour made 152% in 2 days, reason enough to take a closer look at the current situation and development.

Short Background from my researches:
- XRP is a very solid company with a very solid product
- supported by a large bank background as crypto currency of the future for online transactions UBS , JP Morgan and many more all together 75 banks
- currently 4th strongest coin on the market with 18 Billion $ market cap and a daily volume of 3,25 Billion (yesterday, 3rd strongest coin after BTC and Ethereum )

So how to trade?
Here is my recommendation:
HODL! Buy and hold an amount that suits your portfolio.

I personally have traded too much lately, although I saw trends very early before they were exploding. Check my posted ideas from month ago with regards to IOTA, BCH and MONACO.
I knew back then they would explode and posted analysis about it, but personally traded too much, hoping from coin to coin to finally at least miss part of the train, to be honest the biggest part of the train!
MCO made 230% in 5 weeks until today, still rising!
IOTA made 1.288% in 1,5 month!
BCH made 400% in 1,5 month even 700% to the ATH a few weeks ago.

Traders good luck with your day trading, trying to reach such numbers in 5-6 weeks. Let´s be honest, just impossible!
I saw these massive gains to happen in those coins, check my posted trading ideas, there is evidence.

So back to XRP. It is the number one accepted coin when it comes to authorities and will be the number one bank used coin in the future.
Currently there are rumors there is an amazon cooperation and it could be used as payment tool there.
Currently it is on 30 exchanges and there are signs that coinbase is adding it Q1/2018 and many more will.
You know this only means one thing - MOON!
XRP is still very cheap and hasn´t made these huge gains that many of the other coins made already, that make further gains questionable and holding dangerous, it basically woke up yesterday and will move upwards from here.

So the chart you see is more of an add on. The background is more important and why I would recommend to go long and hold.
We have a very clear uptrend. With support at 50 Cents and below at 40 Cents (Bifinex prices). The next target would be 1$ (100% gains, godd risk reward to resistances below). Different analysts see it going to 2-3$ next year, so do I, so this time I will HODL and might take some profit Q1 after the MOON of the coinbase announcement.
Be with me and you won´t regret it. Like my other midterm predictions, IOTA, BCH, MCO , this one here will also come true.
I think these are the last days we can buy XRP that cheap. I am not gonna miss that train again. I would have made half a million dollars on IOTA and BCH if I would have HODLed my positions there while they were cheap.
We are in the times of mass adoption. XRP will as top 4 coin and "more legal" coin be one of the coins that the masses will buy for sure. So we as crypto pioneers can surf this wave upwards of new money flooding in.

So I would clearly recommend HODL XRP and surf up the wave!

Good luck with all of your trades!
Your likes are appreciated!
Totally agree! Like IOTa, EOS, and SUN. Form totally bearish XRP today broke. One dollar is understatement.
How about IOTA? The target price?
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