XRP-Breakout with Ghost Feed

Warning-This chart is derived with a ghost feed that attempts to predict movements and timing into the future with elliot movements.

This chart provides a prediction model based on historical data that may not represent future price action. No one can predict the future!

Three Cup Formation Strategy

1) Little Cup (#1) is forming now with a closing at the fib .618 at 1.20ish range. Prompt Date ( usually less than 5 days).
Small handle must form with retracement to .95 and act as support for handle.
2) Cup #2 shows a closing formation at 1,59 ish price point circa 3/29/2018 with handle support at 1.06.
3) Last cup (#3) formation closes at 2.04 although not drawn handle support is expected at 1.65 circa 4/22/2018.

If and only if,cup three forms, then expect a fourth cup to form with a closure at 2.75, handles to form at fib levels.

All Cups rely upon the XRP down trend patterns as a base left hand formation.

This modeling also shows XRP may make break the short consolidated period and move to an uptrend soon.

This is a daily chart .
評論: the Ghost feed is a little off but in the ballpark!!!
評論: After closer review of this chart and feed, I am declaring bad data. See updates on my death cross charts for XRP. They are consistent with prior assessments.
Looks like a cup of coffee, however hope iT works out.

LOL-its funny you mentioned that because I have a strong cup of coffee in front of me now.....I hope so too, but with this one regardless of timing, XRP has the strongest use case in the world with ultra-high visibility. When Jamie Dimon states that XRP will disrupt the global settlement system and improve it-No brainer for me! Long Long Long at any price below 100.
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XRPmaster ramonbenavides12
@ramonbenavides12, days of Swift are counted. Let’s hope for that 100$ once, and drink a coffee OR something stronger on that.
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Amen to the stronger!!!!!
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