Three XRP Scenarios: catching up with historical values

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hey guys, I understand how getting simple LONG/SHORT advice is preferred by many. I personally think that with crypto, even more experienced technical analists can draw massively wrong conclusions. I think it's much more logical to supply people with a plan for when certain events happen in different scenario's. This will also stimulate the learning community which I think is important for a healthy financial ecosystem.

This has been my first idea on tradingview. I see people who guess the future price of an asset get praised and the people who guess wrong burned. I would like all/most of my future ideas to only supply insight in scenario's, and let the reader decide what to execute. I am hoping to show people what it is like to take responsibility for their own mistakes and successes; not blaming the market but blaming yourself is ultimately what makes you actually learn.
交易進行: Ripple price action! This may trigger scenario 3. Let us hope!
評論: XRP news caused a massive increase in price in a short period. A healthy/expected retrace to about .5 fib levels has happened. Scenario 2 and 3 more likely. This does NOT mean XRP won't retrace lower again. IMO a retrace to 1.8 would be needed for any healthy bullish move in the near future.
@pashqual thanks for the great detailed TA.
which one is most possible?
@Jakama, right now the cryptomarket is so volatile, a few instances of bad news could trigger scenario 1. Some good news on partnerships will make scenario 3 a reasonable possibility.

So to be honest: wait for confirmation on different scenario's
Very nice insight. Would you recommend accumulating right now ( don't have any XRP atm.) or wait out and see if scenario 1 is showing?
pashqual ruben.vanpraet95
Hey Ruben. If the price from ripple drops from 1.5 to 1.0 you'll have about a 33% setback which is a lot to be honest. Depending on your risk appetite you could choose to buy 33% at the current level and see if the price drops to lower levels, then accumulate the rest, or just hop all in now, but risk a 33% setback.

I would say it's never a bad idea to wait a bit and see which scenario plays out. (For crypto) it's never bad to miss a 3-10% increase in price in return for having some confirmation as to what the price is going to do. Especially considering that the crypto market is rather volatile right now.
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@pashqual, Thanks for the fast reply. I'm also more of person like you, taking 'calculated' risks haha! I'm going to wait it out and see what happens, keep me updated! I'm following :D
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