XRP. Slow- Done, Stable- Done and Violent ?

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
XRP has been very quiet these days with not much of attention even with the 55B XRP escrow and american express making some noise.
By the looks of TA XRP is ready to get high.

Indicators show that it has formed a sweet triangle formation since the last few months on daily candle.
It can go either way up or down.

But, Down looks most unlikely as of now.

On the other hand a boom up is a real possibility by Christmas.
Steady Slow growth of XRP in recent months both encouraged and discouraged the masses by the likes of BTC ,LTC and other coins taking off most frequently.

27 cents is the mark to look for.
MACD also indicates that consolidation phase could end soon and XRP could break into bullish mode.
If XRP breaks this levels it might end most likely at around 45 cents.

Please note this is just my study as per technical analysis stand point and must not be considered as investment advice.
評論: Jumped at the same exact point where I Predicted. I feel like a wizard :P
Good Analysis !

Buy Xrp Now before it break out to the upside . My 2 cents
New price level very soon, this is the last time we will see these prices
Sandeshgangadhar Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, I completely agree. A blast is awaiting.
Nom_de_Guerre Sandeshgangadhar
@Sandeshgangadhar, Xrp are working with Dash now, also this month the Palm Beach Letter recommended 'buy before $0.30 - no stop - expect $2.00' oO
knacak Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, expect to $2.00 when exactly, is there any time frame?
@knacak, its all about market cap obviously, the crypto market cap has quadruped in a matter of weeks thats how i believe this is possible - Ripple is cheaper faster better than Swift and will be adopted more and more - it might take a year or it might take a couple of months, my point is that it is as sure a hold as you can get
knacak Nom_de_Guerre
@Nom_de_Guerre, thank you, that what i'm planing to do. In the long term, this might be the one winning ticket.
@knacak, you cant beat a genuine and expanding real world use case, 99% of crypto has none of that
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