XRP from Ripple : death cross, massive sales, and good discounts

Hi traders,

How a bout a new fresh TA for the king of speculation and the master of opportunity trading : Xrp
We can see that since the main trend line of Xrp has been broken (green line), a massive sell continuation pattern has been created, trapping Xrp under a nasty local down trend line (dark orange).
Xrp tried to break through a few days ago, but the bulls failed to keep it over it, and therefore it failed to change its trend so far.
A 12 hours death cross has occured, almost in the same time as the one of Bitcoin .
The target of a sell-off remains the same, IF Bitcoin remains poised to head lower of course, which could lead to interesting discounts for long term holding if these current cryptocurrencies are here to stay, remember that this market is very risky to invest in as prices could reach extreme low values.

You can find below my previous TA about Xrp, a lot of down value was created in just less than a month, this massive sell is happening very fast.
I know many of you told me i was a noob, this TA was nonsense, PM'ed me that i am crazy and don't understand cryptocurrencies and that Xrp cannot go below 0.50$, that i'm spreading fud and payed to spread fud, etc.
I know if is difficult to imagine something you believe in to be able to crash that much, but my previous TA was just a realistic study of this crashing coin trapped inside a crashing market.

Good luck to you, and always trade safe as it is still very risky right now

Xrp is testing this local downtrend resistance line thanks to Btc recent small pump
Two 1Day candles above the local downtrend line, this is encouraging
Xrp is creating very bullish patterns, and it is ready to completely explode by the top. (If Bitcoin keeps on sligtly raising of course)
評論: Xrp gained 9% since my 5 hours ago update
Follow the wave of money and do not fight this market
Xrp lost its "Santander news"over bullishness so far
Instead of resting on the Smma50, it's now below it and resting on the Smma200
評論: Again, follow the water wave or you could miss what probably is a big bull trap, or a rally if i am wrong.
Do not fight this market.
Use tight stop losses.
Good call.
But now it is in a very important resistance area, isn't it?
Xrp will move according to Btc moves as its stuck to this resistance, i could break it as the market is currently in comolete fomo
Wise move would be to wait for a local downside correction if you do nor have some Xrp right now
Ruvi Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, yes, I'm waiting for that. In addition, this is xrp's bottom level of 06/02/18
I think Xrp February low was around 0.55$
Ruvi Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, Yes, you are right. But 0,7 was an important suport level right after. Anyway, thanks!
LTC going down as well.

Look at my chart and possible ADX

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Nice, thank you for sharing
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Andbcoin Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, It's a pleasure. Thank you too for sharing your ideas. :)
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