''Last'' up move

Dont take off the trade, this will go back up.

But there is a good chance that it will go higher.

After that we will probably see one more down until it go up again.

This would also fit with my Bitcoin prediction, because it looks like we are preparing for the last move up, which will be our bull trap until we will have one more dip - so be careful.

When we break the purple line, than you can look for a buy setup.

If you are a lucky guy, we will see a huge breakout which is a very unlikely scenario. But it is possible.
評論: +10% guarantee short term.
評論: We have to wait for a confirmation above fib level 0.236 until we see action:

評論: Ripple looking very good and strong. When I guarantee something then it will gonna happen.

Major resist at $1.16
交易結束:達到停損點: Crash has started very early. Entry point under purple line.
hmm you were way off on this one...
E55 michaellanducci

No, first target reached :)
@E55, "When I guarantee something then it will gonna happen."

so articulate.. does that promise only hold true for the first target then?
You make me smile. You have switched from a guaranteed short term high to an early crash. How many opinion switches can we look forward to over the next 24 hours? Please slow down a little and you might like to start using log scales on your charts, the log scale tends to reflect himan emotions a little better.
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E55 woldon

Target reached.
So today is a good moment to buy more or should I wait?
Nice analysis Anil :) ehh I mean E55
cmonnn ripple..
E55 ale408

Just slowly, he is a bit shy.
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@E55, do you have a stop-loss for this trade?
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