Future prediction

No matter if some people want to accept it or not, the Bitcoin chart follows that of nasdaq.

As you can easily see in the MACD and RSI he has followed him for a long time, so why should it not happen for the rest of the time?

So you have to be careful. If we break the 'trendline' up, it's a bull trap. So we will experience another dip, which will not be the last wave. Just as in the 4th wave at nasdaq, it will be a triangle formation that leads to the 5th wave.

This will be the end of the bear market.

It may also be that we get the 5th wave without breaking the trend line , which is unlikely. But one thing is certain, the ABC correction is not over yet and it WILL go down one more time.

When the time comes I will show you entry points. I keep you up to date.
評論: Waiting for a breakout confirmation:

評論: Bullish confirmation. Good entry for short term:

評論: Lets take some huge profits before the coming bull trap! This will be a great preperation year for the coming one.

"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1." ~Warren Buffett
評論: It's always the same, I love bubbles.

評論: After the small uptrend we will continue to watch.
評論: Closed my trade. Bearish breakout. New short term enty point $7600
評論: Maybe a bear trap waiting for a confirmation.
評論: Huge bear trap, haha. Luckily I watched again at it. Whales are playing dirty games with us. Target of $9000 holds. We re bullish on short term, good entry point.
評論: Good Morning. I see Bitcoin has fallen over the night, my bad mistake. The important thing is to keep a clear head in such situations. Unfortunately, I could not react to it over the night. Nevertheless, my target remains until I make changes.
評論: Just watch at this compare again. The dip is coming slowly.

評論: I see many on Tradingview, which are bearish right now. Currently we have a hard fight between bears and bulls. It's a very shaky situation right now, but I expect another bull run to $9000-9200, which will be our huge bull trap.

Lets see what will happen, the fight is better than some movies :D
評論: Bitcoin is looking good right now as I said. The move downwards after the 1D candle close was probably a dirty game of whales. Hopefully we will see an up-move to $8800-9200 range in the near future.
評論: Here an idea for Ripple. Most of the time you can better see what Bitcoin does when you look at altcoins, because they mostly follow it in the bear market.
I like to do that when I realize that reading the Bitcoin chart is a bit difficult:

評論: Waiting for a confirmation, this can end bad.

評論: Bear trap?

評論: Looks good :)

評論: Dont look at Fibonacci, it's accidentally postponed.
評論: Check my new post, what is your prediction of this information?

評論: Haha there we go. I said you guys this is just a bear trap. Whales are playing games with us. Now we are veerrry near of a bull trap. Check my new idea to see when it could start.
評論: Looking only for these scenarios now:

交易結束:目標達成: Crash has started. This was a huge bull trap. New idea coming soon.
Crash has started!? Can you be more specific? Do you think we are breaking suppport in 8500 and heading below $7900 today?
Why do you call the possible down move a crash? We are at the top of a downward channel with a support line that could be hit around the 5000 mark. These are classical moves inside a clearly marked channel and not a crash. Have you considered switching to log scales? I would not be surprised to see bitcoin back up around 9000 these coming days so that it actually kisses the resistance linr of the channel before proceeding to drop to 5000. Hopefully marking the end of this bear phase.
helpfox woldon
@woldon, whats your position today? It does look like it will go back up to test 9k today. There is just not enough sales volume for a hige drop. I am not a pro just keeping on eye on intresting comments but I am noticing to many idea swings. Looks like everyone cand give a full explanation of charts after but not as they build up.
woldon helpfox
@helpfox, unchanged from 3 hours ago. Ethereum and bitcoin running close to their resistance lines but not yet touching or crossing. I expect the touch followed by reversal downwards. But if they cross followed by a breakout upwards... the bull trap? Or on and upwards? What news will hit the markets in time to determine (manipulate) which way we go :-) ?
And which is the new idea? So many new ideas these past few days :-)
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E55 woldon
I am getting a little lost between the traps :-) All I see is a horizontal climbing move that closes in on the ceiling of a downward channel. Room for a move to 9200 these next couple of days before kissing the ceiling and starting the move down. Where are the traps?
E55 - I think it's just sideways move nor bear/bull trap. Bull trap is going to be - but about 9.3-9.5K, maybe around 10K
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E55 mmmp12

The bull trap is coming like my new idea shows you :)
woldon mmmp12
@mmmp12, aha is this the bulltrap? That we get a false breakout above the 9200 to 9500-10000 before turning "sharply" down?
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