Do you recognize differences?

Many claim that you can not compare the bitcoin 1.33% 0.83% chart with a chart from 20 years ago. I wonder ... how do you know that? Have you tried it or what?

I keep writing it and do it again:
It makes no difference whether the chart is from 1999 or 1840. Charts remain charts and they are created by the people, which is controlled by their fear, greed, optimism, pessimism and so on.
What do you think why a year-long theory like that of Elliot still applies and is maintained?

Now please tell me where you see differences. Just look at the MACD . It's the same story and many do not want to learn from the mistakes of the past. But for us it is good, because we get the opportunity to earn many profits because of such people.

I do not have to say more. Do not be greedy like many others. Just because Bitcoin 1.33% 0.83% has fallen strongly since its ATH -0.47% -0.47% , it does not mean that it can not drop even more.

I'll keep you up to date when you can get back in. This year we will survive with profits!
評論: Looks like we are retesting short term the $9000 area like my comparison shows you. Lets see what will happen :)
評論: And we are dropping more. Very good. I hope you followed my advice switching to fiat and this is why. When I have time I will post an idea later :)
評論: By the way there is still a chance that we retest the $9000 area. Dont be so sure with the drop.

But I guarantee: we will see $4000-5000 next weeks.
評論: Check out my new idea for the future:

Thanks @E55 much appreciate your analysis / sharing - from your post a few days ago "But I guarantee: we will see $4000-5000 next weeks"

Still valid or need to be revised ?

@e5 so when is it gonna drop?
E55 Zebix

I will post an idea. I am sure it will correct at least to 9000-9500.
What's scary about bitcoin is that it's entire investor base is made up of charlatan's like this touting crackpot financial theory. Spending 15 minutes on cnbc and matching some lines up on a graph doesn't make you an oracle, it makes you a moron that acts on impulse and dim wit.
@chetcut, Let's me check what ideas you got.. Oh it's zero!
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@chetcut, Yeh See your point. No correlation at all is there.
steve.elliott steve.elliott
uncomfortable squeaky bum smiley goes here
Top work by the way - missed the MACD similarities on mine
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