XRPUSDT (Bittrex) - How To Trade It

Whilst XRP is showing many bullish signs at this moment, it has been trading on a long parallel channel for months. With a huge range of 30% from top to bottom and vice versa.

Now, if we are looking for something BIG, we need to break the top line of the channel first. Marked with the Magenta line.

If XRP closes above it on a single day, we are looking at possibly some major gains.

If this trades interests you, you have the option to join now and wait, with a stop-loss at the level of .2198.

The second choice is to wait until the trendline has been break. As soon as that happens, above 3000, you can open a LONG and positive trade. With a short stop loss at .2788

P.S. Already fighting with the first strong resistance (green dotted line).

Hope that helps.
評論: XRPUSDT is way over its TD count. Bitcoin took off, but there is still no sign of retrace. This coin tends to fall short, always, as it has been trading on the same channel for months...

If it stays above 0.28, this signals strength.
If it breaks, look out, you can search for support at 0.265 and 0.245 before even getting near to the stop loss.

交易進行: An image is worth 10 Billion words... in this case:

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Thanks for the tips / gifts / donations.
評論: I don't know how this pair is doing compared to XRPBTC, but I sold all of my XRP (for BTC) expecting to buy back lower. Just a heads up.

The chart looks exactly like the BTC pair:

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so guys, how are we with XRP? I sold 5% of earnings and I think XRP is headed to $2, since it partnered with some institutions in Asia, Ripple posted a $2 XRP was on the horizon for 2018 and it has rumors to be listed on coinbase.. Let's see.
most of the pump from xrp coming from south korea and japan. google xrp news with japan & s. korea bank. expecting xrp to break $1 by 2018
lolnopls lolnopls
@lolnopls, *pump for xrp
lolnopls lolnopls
@lolnopls, plus coinbase is going to add xrp into their exchange :)
Hi Alan any correction level you like to suggest where we can place a new buy order...
alanmasters Augsburger88
@Augsburger88, Sorry, don't have the time to work it out now.
Sorry for not answering all the comments but they wont from 80-90 every few hours, to 100-200. They beat me this time. Lol.
Hello bro

Will ripple go down again , should we sell it now ?

Best Regards
alanmasters VjosaRexhepi
@VjosaRexhepi, I think has plenty of room for growth.
awesome. give me a week , ill donate. thanks a lot!!!
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