Ripple (XRP vs USD/USDT) Trade (100% Profits Potential)

Well, Ripple has a lot of backing, is a very active project and can be held long. So we can open a trade here, with very low risk and huge potential for rewards.

Here are some upcoming events, that can affect XRPs price in the near future:

- Uphold Listing (24 May). "You’ve been asking & we are excited to announce full support of $XRP will go live on Uphold May 24." Uphold is an exchange.
- ASROC Conference (16 June). "ASROC is a event and summit that solely examines trading of tokens, bitcoin , ethereum and alt coins," in Los Angeles, California.
- BAIConf London (18 June). Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference and Exhibition from Jun 18-19 at 8 Northumberland in London.

Ripple ( XRPUSDT ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy in range (use the "Buy zone" on the chart): $0.577 - $0.651

Ripple (XRP USD/USDT) Targets:

(1) $0.711
(2) $0.771
(3) $0.857
(4) $0.966
(5) $1.221

Note: Additional targets will be shared in the future if necessary.

Stop loss: $0.522


- This analysis is being shared by request.

- This trade is for Ripple (XRP) against the US dollar or Tether (USDT).

- I will be sharing another trade for Ripple against Bitcoin ( BTC ). It is up to you which one you trade, it really depends on your own trading strategy.

I hope you enjoy this trade and make lots of profits with it.

May 25
評論: You see Bitcoin going down hard, it has yet to finish one more last push down. At the same time, you see many altcoins once more breaking out, an entire set of alts is already moving up.

After Bitcoin finishes its last correction, for this market cycle, we can start to see big green again.

I am seeing some mixed signals for XRP vs USDT. Some bullish some bearish... So please allow time for this trade to develop, and feel free to buy in at the longer end of the buy in range.

Jun 05
交易進行: Ripple (XRP USD/USDT) Targets:

(1) $0.711 * Target reached 3-June *
(2) $0.771 * Next target *
(3) $0.857
(4) $0.966
(5) $1.221
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My Dear Vikings! The Seer has provided us with a gift from the Gods!
In binance there was 0.70650 -.-
Looking good so far! We got support on the 200 EMA and now the 20 is over the 50 on the 4hr chart.

My guess is that we need to break the 50 on the 1D which is currently around .69 or some Fib.
Berserker saw it coming!
C'mon this thing ain't going anywhere until $BTC stabilizes. They are also a very dodgy company IMO- more of a self enrichment play for senior management (just look at who owns the 100B coins) and they essentially tried to bribe banks and exchanges with XRP loans that could be repaid in XRP or book value USD.
Nice to see this! I have also my XRP on my Ideas!
Nice triangle breakout and clean retest area!

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@VaidoVeek, Great chart, thanks for sharing.
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VaidoVeek alanmasters
@alanmasters, yeah, glad You like it, means a lot to me!
Your welcome!
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I see minor wave 3 in major wave 3 . Do you see that big picture? What's YouTube opinion about that? Cheers
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