Heading right for the target

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Watch for the bounce on important algo targets
交易結束:目標達成: Watch this bounce closely
評論: Still waiting on bounce looks like one more move down for wave 5? Most 2 waves end on .5 to golden pocket. STILL UBER BULLISH
交易進行: The BOUNCE
交易進行: Active short
取消訂單: 1-2 Move waiting for pullback 50 to 65 percent 1 move for the 3 wave
Hi, I liked your chart.

I understand that you are looking at ABC corrective wave with A=B=C.

but I think it's gonna have 0.382 retracements for big wave 1 instead of 0.618.

from my chart, using zig zag 3hr it formed well corrective lines and i think that made a finish.

my macd, es stoch rsi and WT cross all showing me to buy. i think im jumping in.

miaomiao18 miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, to confirm if it is the starting of big wave 3 or still in corrective wave. will see if it goes above the previous high or not. cheers
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, Its really looking like your right!! Ill be in shortly thanks!! We are in this thing together!!
@savenido, cheers
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, We need to see retracement on this 1st wave if it bounces at or before golden pocket im in!!
savenido savenido
@savenido, I dont ever buy 1st waves or try to pick bottom...... i try to wait for wave 1.... make sure it retraces correctly.... 70 percent goto .5 to .65 retracement.... if those match I go in bc you can do a trend base fib extention on 1-2 move to predict 3 wave.... jump off on 3rd waves.... ladder all the way up to 2.168 start with 1 to 1
savenido savenido
@savenido, If it goes 1 for 1 than 5th wave will be extended most times
savenido savenido
@savenido, so 1 for 1 waves you wanna ride to 5
@savenido, agree. good point!
miaomiao18 miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, now we see for corrective wave 2 for xvg. wave b price is confirmed with its starting point which is very close to A. with A=B=C. do you still think xvg big corrective wave 2 is going to heavily 0.618?

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