stop loss over last 5 wave move SHORT

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Just a B wave folks
取消訂單: Im watching this closely and will buy the pull back if impulsive
交易進行: Screaming B wave I would hold up before entering. we will have a pullback on wave 1
取消訂單: hit my stop loss but will wait for pullback
評論: B Wave man im glad im just sitting in TRX!!!!
評論: DUMP CITY..... Who was the partner RUSSIA?
評論: In C wave this is not a piece of shit yet. I believe they try to time the announcements with the algorithmic targets.... I geuss XVG is just a bad trader... B WAVE
評論: Lesson: BULL Trap
評論: Pretty nice bounce off the 1.414
交易結束:目標達成: Possible ABC into a new 5 wave move. Once we break ill post targets
交易進行: BUY
does the bounce counts as a finish of wave C?
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, Just means all the traders that can pull A wave targets just put a ton on 1.272 and 1.414..... I dont know if it will bounce a move above last 5 wave move will verify.... Looks funny though and i stay away
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, Its a 5-3-5 abc so as soon as you see 5 distinct waves down than we hit bottom.... ill look at it in a little bit
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, Looks like 3 waves down.... What we just saw was a bulltrap B Pump into a Dump.... Why did this happen? Because A was completed and C could already be figured out so B doesnt matter and the higher the better more profit
@savenido, sorry i was confused, so it means the abc corrections for the completed 5 waves(big wave 1) is completed or not? we are currently still in corrections or in the starting of the next big wave3?
savenido miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, Safest time to enter is what you want to know.... Id say let subwave 1 complete into subwave 2 retracement Buy that for the 3rd wave micro and macro
@savenido, agree.
I don't man, it's looking like the partner is Ayden.
savenido ksteigerwald
@ksteigerwald, What is Ayden? I have stop loss above the last high ..... would be no loss no win on short for me.... im happy bc its really all win
@savenido, Very big deal, look it up. Partner of paypal... Payment processor for the likes of Uber, Netflix and thousands of other companies.
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