Update 1 for XVG (Prediction #2) Target $1

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1479 15
Update 1 for XVG (Prediction #2) Target $1 Expected date before 01 Oct 2018

Update 1 for XVG (Prediction #2) Target $1 Expected date before 01 Oct 2018

Important thing:
Remember you can't rely on single indicator Elliot waves , you should consider all things(indicators,fundamentals, technical) before entering trade.
I take into consideration all things before trading! My Target for Profit will be same as I expect! Even a subtle fluctuation in price doesn't matter!

Verge (XVG) sitting at strong support ($0.07).

Fibo Rectracement completes at 0.07!

Great crypto having a good team!

Some manipulation happened in past due to which XVG drop alot and couldn't hold $0.16.

Good buy entry point for short term and long term traders is $0.07 at the moment.

Some key Points for Short traders buy at $0.07 with target of $0.16 and $ 0.20

Long term target will be same as i expected $1 before 01 Oct 2018.

Prediction 2 in which i have mention target (click on link for Prediction 2) :

New Chart for update( Specially for Short term traders and long term trader entry point)

I think this needs to be updated given the current Bitcoin and Tether crash
it gonna happen dont worry! be relax! send me a thank you message when it hit $1 (before 01 Oct 2018)
BankofEngland salahuddin2004
@salahuddin2004, - Verge was in a pennant triangle prior to this crash of ALL the coins. Verge still remains poised to break out, its a coin focused on decentralization, security, and privacy where Bitcoin has become to opposite of what it stood for. These privacy coins will be hot and mainstream coins will faulter
It is not gonna happen, will not happen, and do not even to give your hope on it.
rsedaaghi SuramattoSan
@SuramattoSan, Believe don't hate
SuramattoSan rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, i invest on another coin.
+1 回覆
rsedaaghi SuramattoSan
@SuramattoSan, ^_^ happy trading
SuramattoSan rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, I wish they would do ico first
garryt SuramattoSan
@SuramattoSan, focus on your other coin.
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