$XVG.X here comes the moment of truth

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
896 9
waiting to see if this TL is going to hold.

waiting for confirmation before i get back in.
Hey guy n gals.

That TL needs to be maintained for us to indeed head higher (1520s?).

I have been out since 1300 and just got back in at 1040 and 1020 (Bittrex).

If we do indeed break that TL I’m out for good most likely.

That’s my take on it rn.
He is talking about the fight btw the bulls and the bears (forces of darkness).the bulls have won...get in
aidanb gooddoctor
@gooddoctor, the bulls won? lol?
@aidanb, xvg is preparing for a huge move before the announcement. This a simple dip
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aidanb gooddoctor
@gooddoctor, you must be new to this. Prepare yourself for the "sell the news" effect
@aidanb, I understand u perfectly well but the new is coming on least u sell the news on 16th not 14th
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@aidanb, u want xvg to come down to is impossible now
aidanb gooddoctor
@gooddoctor, no, I bought in at 550 sats and taking profits along the way as a smart trader... you know, like, having a planned entry/exit strategy? you'll learn the hard way m8
Can you elaborate more what you're trying to say please. Thank you !
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