ZCLBTC - Forks Get Pumped!

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
With ZClassic forking into Bitcoin Private late January 2018 (where you will receive Bitcoin Private 1:1 Ratio + Bitcoin 1:1), you'll find that many will love and buy into the concept of a Bitcoin branded privacy coin.

Circulating BTC = 17m vs circulating ZCL at 2m! Note that BTC forks generally are a triple digit coin with higher circulation and ZCL is currently $90 with less. Total BTCP will be 17m + 2m = 19m at the point of fork.



評論: Made a rookie mistake, was looking at 30mins by accident at time of posting. 4HR looks sweet

評論: Almost at target
評論: Target hit
交易結束:目標達成: Price action still looks good for more growth
Guess your time off was productive! I appreciate your work on these. Im all in. Phuk Her!
Johnsonysu tradewindtiger
@tradewindtiger, Was meant to correct my mistake on the 1st chart haha, update coming
tradewindtiger Johnsonysu
@Johnsonysu, I read all your charts. Im right with you on most of them. a lot of work I can tell you are digging deep. remember, if your in Vegas, drinks are on me!
Johnsonysu tradewindtiger
@tradewindtiger, will take up on your offer soon! Thanks!

Come join us in the little group, we're pretty active on shilling and trading - no FUD pretty productive
$800? Is this possible?
What about post-fork, you think people will mass dump it?
Johnsonysu cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, Yes. Forked coins typically get a huge reaction when free coins are announced. Just look at NXT.
Nice chart! You think the targets are gonna be killed before the fork?
@Eliani, We have 30 days, target 1 & 2 I'm super confident with.
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