ZCash vs. Bitcoin [ZECBTC]

BITFINEX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
ZEC moving good in inverted head and shoulders pattern. Now we in Resistance area , so I'm expecting breaking support line and pullback to rebuy area.

Indicators ( RSI and Momentum) in medium overbought area.

Stochastic RSI — Blue and Yellow Lines.
Momentum — Red Line
Histogram — Finds market bottoms/tops. If green - shows local bottom. If red and bottomed - sell signal.

How to use this combination - If histogram are green and RSI/Momentum in bottom - this is good buy signal.
If RSI/Momentum in top and histogram red in bottom - sell signal.

Rebuy area: 0.052 and lower

Take Profit 1: 0.060
Take Profit 2: 0.064
Take Profit 3: 0.067
Take Profit 4: 0.079

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交易進行: ZEC still moving to buy zone, no buy signals yet.
交易進行: Touched Rebuy zone, I'm in.
my favourite top caller; a.shevelev002
Hey Artem - any updates on this? Seems a bit stuck at 0.041 right now. I'm leaving it with a 0.0347 stop, so still a fair bit of room yet.

My question would be - do you think the same dynamics exist as when you made this analysis? I have my trade on Bitmex, so of course it costs to maintain the trade. I am happy to keep the trade running medium term, but if you thought that ZEC was unlikely to hit the targets here in say the next 30 days I'd probably think about letting it go...

But of course, easy to let it go at just the time you should have hung on :) Any thoughts, opinions appreciated.
Any update on this one @ArShevelev ??

Your thoughts on this.
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