ZEN - Buy Opportunity

BITTREX:ZENBTC   Horizen / Bitcoin
Zencash is another crypto focused on privacy. I believe it just found support above the previous triangle in which it was oscilating. Most privacy coins are going up lately, and it is time for Zencash to have the same path. The targets are shown on the chart. Have a good trade!
評論: Trade is still active. Most altcoins were down yesterday, lets give Zencash another chance today
交易結束:目標達成: First target reached. It's up to you to save some ZEN and go to the next targets. BTC might go up faster from now on, with the proximity of Lightning Network, even though, ZEN looks promising againts BTC in the medium term.
fractal says going to moon
Thanks for posting. I've been accumulating ZEN for sometime now. Glad to see such good targets coming. It would be awesome if the end target was by the end of Q1 2018.
JoaoCiceroJunior millitrades
@millitrades, Sure. In my opinion, it will get to the highest target in less then one month.
MartinsVilums JoaoCiceroJunior
@JoaoCiceroJunior, you mean 0.007 is the highest target?
JoaoCiceroJunior MartinsVilums
@MartinsVilums, In my opinion, yes. Of course it can go even higher but I believe 0.007 is a good enough target.
JoaoCiceroJunior JoaoCiceroJunior
@JoaoCiceroJunior, Let's see how it evolves.
tomaspaulo JoaoCiceroJunior
@JoaoCiceroJunior, any update in case it drops below the target "buy" price?
@tomaspaulo, Sorry for taking so long to reply. The red area usually means "stop loss". It is a protection in case the price drops so we can avoid losing more money in case the trade does not follow our predictions. However, yesterday was not a normal day. Most altcoins went down due to Bitcoin rise. In that case sometimes it is ok to let the price reach that stop area. I didn't sell my ZENs for example, I still believe it will reach our blue targets
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