Tick Plus

Tick+ is an all-in-one market internals dashboard.

Tick+ features a real-time NYSE or NASDAQ Tick chart, a dynamic Advancers/Decliners vs. VOLD chart, a market internals table readout including both NYSE and NASDAQ instruments, defensive and cyclical sector’s, and daily inflow/out analysis. Also included are customizable symbols readouts, so you can keep an eye on securities that are important to you!

The Tick chart displays a candlestick TICK chart for your chosen exchange and keeps track of the current day's high tick and low tick. Drawn behind these are our Key Reversal Zones.

The Advancers/Decliners vs. VOLD chart dynamically scales both instruments together to easily detect divergences that are known to cut the noise from the market and give an accurate indication of the day's trend.

Market Sync Indicator
This is a small but powerful indicator that analyzes the inflow and outflow of each exchange's underlying securities. When all the markets are in harmony, it will print a green or red symbol below the tick chart. We have also included this signal within the internals table labeled “trending,” which is simply the same signal presented in a more apparent area. Alerts can also be set with these signals to take advantage of the system across tickers.
Note: A gray readout indicates that every market is not moving in the same direction at that moment.

This indicator has been made to be customizable to fit your individual layout style! You are able to stack the Tick & Comparison Charts, as well as display the tables vertically or horizontally!

Note: We are measuring % change of symbols from the daily open to current price, this is so you can make an analysis based on today's info.

All of the default settings are our recommended settings.

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發布通知: - Fixed an error which causing certain colors to display incorrectly on the Defensive/Cyclical Table.


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