HFT Momentum Indicator

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Default Settings are meant to be used in XBT/USD chart on 1 hour time frame. If you want to use for another asset on another time frame YOU MUST CHANGE THE SETTINGS

This is momentum-based strategy designed by HFT Research in order to take advantage of volatile, trending markets.


ADX stands for average directional index . It is an indicator that measures volatility in the market. Unfortunately, the worst market condition for this strategy is sideways market. ADX becomes a useful tool since it can detect trend. If the volatility is low and there is no real price movement, ADX will pick that up and will not let you get in trades during a sideways market. It will allow you to enter trades only when the market is trending.

Use MA CrossOver

This strategy’s main driver is the moving average cross over however, unlike many other indicators, this strategy has ALL the moving averages that are on trading view. Total of 13 different moving averages all calculated in a different fashion available in a drop-down menu. You are able to choose two different moving averages to cross for your entry as well as being able to adjust the length of each individual moving average.

Use MA Spread % Filter

As an extra protection, we introduced MA spread % filter. We all know that momentum strategy works when there is actually a trend that has momentum. When there is no trend and market side choppy, we get a lot of noisy signals. In order to battle that we have introduced MA spread % filter. Using this piece of setting, you will be able to chose how strong the cross over actually is. If price is moving sideways, the moving averages will cross each other barely. If the price has actually any steam and momentum, MA 1 will cross over MA 2 aggressively because it will be trending market.

First you chose what the minimum % difference there should be between your 2 moving averages. If you keep this too tight, it won’t be as useful and if you keep this too large then the script will not generate any signals. Trust us, there is a fine balance in between! Then you proceed to chose your moving averages that the bot should keep track of.

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發布通知: -Changed Plotting that was cluttering the chart
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-Small visual changes

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