Maddrix_club I - Scalper (3commas)

Maddrix club I Scalper (3commas version). The code is very different from the ALERTATRON version.
It really is not the same!

Maddrix Club I is a simple, straightforward trading algorithm that goes long or short, based on user’s choice. It is considered to be a scalper, because it aims to capture small profits that accumulates and compound over time.
The theory behind it is based on trend following and DCA .

Strategy type one uses momentum to generate signals.
Strategy type two uses price action only

Very good results have been observed on the 1 min time frame though it technically works on all timeframe (5 min for example, 1 hour also). The most important part of this algorithm is risk management and capital preservation.
You can run this with very little capital, and always make sure that in the worst case scenario, meaning when the market goes against you and all your SO (Safety Orders) are filled, you are using less than your account balance.

If you are in a trending up phase on the weekly time frame, you can go long. If this is a definite trend down, of course go short. During a bear market, stay long, during a bull market, evidently long as well.
For totally new traders, I would recommend to LONG only, and set super low risk settings (cover a 50% drop for example), and see how it runs. Then, as you become a more experienced trader, you can identify trends and short as well, and/or increase your risk.

It works on all markets as long as there is volatility .

The best way to go about changing the settings, is to start off the default values. I’d run it and see how it fits your risk preferences.

There are absolutely no guarantees about this algorithm and past results are not indicative of future performance.

Fees, slippage and API delay: for any algorithm you will use (from me or others), please keep in mind that fees add up, slippage and delay creates differences between algo theory and reality. We can put in place systems to circumvent that, but we will always have them.

*** This one is SPECIAL 3COMMAS**

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